FAQ's Earring of the Month Club

When will I receive my earrings?
Packages are shipped within approximately 1-3 business days of your order. Every month thereafter, packages will be shipped on the 1st of the month. (Note: Shipping generally takes 3-7 business days, via AusPost). You'll be notified by email once your packages are shipped.
Please note that if you have bought an ongoing monthly subscription each months pair will not ship until your monthly payment has cleared into SilverBellas PayPal account.

What is the cost of Shipping? 
Shipping cost is already included in the total subscription cost. 

How will my earrings be Packaged?
It's free! Earrings arrive in our signature boxes with filler. If for a gift, feel free to include a message for your gift receipt in the message section at checkout or through email.

What if I don’t like a pair you send me? Can I return them for a refund?
Sorry no returns are available. If you're not in love with a particular pair, give it to your gal pal for her birthday, or your babysitter when she does an extra great job. But, we're thinking you're going to like them all! (Fun surprises in store!)

How will I know when my subscription has run out?
The last pair of earrings sent out as part of your subscription will include a reminder card for the recipient. If the subscription was purchased as a gift we will also send you a very brief email to remind you your gift is completed.

Can I cancel part-way through my subscription (if I’ve paid up-front) for a partial refund?
Unfortunately, no. The fees for each type of subscription are based on the entire length that you sign up for – Since you pay less per month over time if you sign up for a longer period we cannot give partial refunds once your subscription has begun. However, if you change your mind after receiving the very first pair, and return them to us within 30 days of purchase, we will cancel your subscription and refund the full amount.

Can I purchase a Club Membership with a discount or coupon code?
Earring-of-the-Month Club membership/subscription cannot be purchased with any discount or coupon codes, due to its already-discounted nature. If you accidentally purchase a club membership using a discount code, I will refund the purchase price and ask you to purchase again at the full price.

What happens if I move?
Please email us – info@silverbellas.com – to advise us of your change of address. Probably a good idea to set up a mail redirect, too, just in case! 


Do you want an official printed certificate detailing the club to give to the special person you're buying it for? Mention it in the comments code at checkout with the appropriate address to send it to, and we'll get on it.

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