Ring Sizing

Depending on where in the world you are from, ring sizes can be expressed in letters or numbers or it could be in diameter or circumference measurements and some systems add quarter and half sizes.

We use two scales on SilverBellas, the alphabetical scale (UK/Australian way) and the numerical scale (US way). If you use one of the other systems, you can use the conversion chart below as a guide to find the closest size in our scale.

If we don't have the ring you want in your size please email us as we may be able to custom order it for you.

Before measuring your finger...

Hands can be affected by factors such as time of day and the weather. Fingers can swell slightly on hot days, which will make rings difficult to get on and off whereas on cool days they may feel loose. It is recommended to measure your finger towards the end of the day as this is when it tends to be at its largest. Also, if it is a wide band, you should allow for a larger size, anything from a half to a full size extra.

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